Live Recordings.
Mostly my friends.

Old Table (click for download)

Live at Table House 6.30.12

I miss Becky. There was a dog at this show. There are some important sad gems in this set that are really special and worth a listen. Again, I know I’ve already showstyled a lot of Old Table. 

Porches (click here for download)

Live at Table House 6.30.12

I had a party the night before, and then Will said he would also have a party. This was a weekend of parties. I sat on a mattress most of the time at this party which was perfect. I think Pokemon played on the TV during this set. Or Dragon Ball Z? Dan was kinda sick and allergic. This is Porches with Greta and friend. I know I’ve already showstyled a lot of Porches.

Men Who Lunch

Live at Pasternack House 3/11/12

This is my friends Ben and Jason doing their thing. It’s worth a listen - it’s 6 songs and 4 minutes. This is the first Men Who Lunch recording since 2007, the year I graduated high school.

Watch live streaming video from thecoolguys at

We had a showparty on Saturday. A classic old-school “no parents!” show party. I think it was what everyone needed and it was a huge success. Some bands played, and JohnHollahan had a genius idea to set up a livestream for all our remote friends. It’s full of silly faces, John up close, and me being really loud (Cameron is louder).


00:13:00 Kerry

01:02:00 Cave Cricket

01:53:00 Young Chair plays Old Table

John Hollahan and MenWhoLunch also played, but are not present on this here livestream? I recorded some audio of each I think, will maybe post in the future.

Steve Yankou covering “Parasite” by No One and the Somebodies, because KY was unwell, Live at TOG 2/25/12 in the living room, at 12:23am.

John Hollahan

Live at Teh Olive Garden 2/25/12

This is my best friend John Hollahan playing his first live show.

This show was part of the #bestweekendever, complete with feminist slumber party, feminist zinefest, and Vaginas Occupy Wall Street. I was driving home and stopped at Ben’s and he made me a quesadilla because he is a charmer, and then we went to the show with KT. John started at exactly 9, as promised. I am very proud of him.

Dan is in CA, Becky is at school, Will is away, and John really wants to hear this, so you’re welcome in advance for the fast turnaround.

The Best Thing Ever

Live at Death By Audio 1/14/12

This recording is pretty crazy, The Best Thing Ever is the best thing ever. This show was complete with games and activities and hugging, not just music. I saw The Best Thing Ever like 6 years ago at SUNY Purchase, with Emily Brodsky, and I will never forget their heart-wrenching version of Hey Ya as long as I live. But this show as an Insane Clown Posse cover, which is just as memorable. I wrote about the show in the previous post, so go read that. It feels so long ago now.

Kate Ferencz

Live At Death by Audio 1/14/12

Kate played with The Best Thing Ever, Old Table, and someone else who was awesome. I recorded the Best Thing Ever and will post it soon.

This was the second in a string of Many shows at DBA. The night before, Dan and I went to see Air Waves, which was amazing, and this night we drove in with 3 empty seats to see “The Best Thing Ever, Old Table” which is funny. There was a good mix of people there, old and new friends. Lots of my brother’s friends, who were all so excited to see me and that made me feel good. Dan has been really into Kate so he knew all the songs, but I loved her set too and was sort of entranced by it. She was all alone and right in your face and very unafraid, it was refreshing and exciting. I started recording in the middle because I realized I had too.

At the end you hear me getting out this Israeli candy that I brought to the show to get rid of. It was a hit with those who liked it, and not so much with those who didn’t.

After the show we had to go to a diner because we didin’t have enough sober drivers, and I got really mad at everyone. But there was a piano in the diner and then it was fine, even though I ended up driving home alone, and Dan drove another car. But it’s OK now.

Emilyn Brodsky

Live at The Rock Shop Dec 9, 2011.

Track 2 is a little fucked up because I tried to take a picture in the middle of it for Forgive me. Lesson learned (again).

Also, I started recording too late to catch Emilyn saying “Is that Sammy Lifson? How’s your mother.”

Dan and I went to this show on a whim, because this is what we do. We used our privilege (our dad’s monthlys) and got there pretty early in the evening, it was raining and terrible, we didn’t know anyone there at all. Except Emilyn and Anthony who I haven’t seen forever. Emily was so the same, it was so so nice and comforting. I recall both of us getting drunk on two drinks each and going upstairs with friends instead of watching the other bands. I met Franz’s wife and made some friends and ate a girls frenchfries that were so delicious. Then Jack Terricloth showed up. Right, and then we left there before midnight and tried to make a 12:06am train that pulled out right as we approached the board to check, and I yelled “NOOOO” and scared everyone in GCT. All in all, a success.

Old Table - Where’s the Bad Cop (by sammylif)

This is from the show the last post was from. This is a new Old Table song, performing pre-heckle at Otto’s Shrunken Head on the lower east side. January 4, 2012.