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Old Table And Porches

Live at the Delancey 7.5.2011

This day I drove home from Syracuse, where I spent the weekend, and Dan almost immediately picked me up. John and Steve were in the car, which I was surprised by. I felt weird and texted Gabby the whole way there. Ben didn’t come even though we were right near his hood. Will was late. Not many people were there for Old Table, but it was perfect because some people didn’t know anything about him. This was the pseudo kickoff for the Porches tour and their bus was outside. Lots of their fans were there too. The dynamic was sort of tense, maybe that was just me.

I got a PBR but didn’t have any cash, and there was a $20 minimum to open a tab, so I made dan buy it for me. He laughed at me. We all got pizza. Sat outside and laughed at the hilarity of everything. Made new friends. Went home and felt sad and weird. Now you all know!

This link is just Old Table; Porches will be up tomorrowishmaybe

  • 23 August 2011
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